If CPM Will Attack On Us, Will We Feed Them Sweets: Anubrata


Kolkata: The controversial Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mondal has several times made headlines due to his fearsome attitude against his opposition. This TMC party president of Birbhum district has now commented on CPM using a Bengali proverb that means end is nigh for the CPM party.

A TMC supporter faced bullet on Monday after a political clash took place between TMC and CPM in Khoyrasol area of Birbhum. Anubrata and his party members have claimed CPM’s connection in this incident. In response to that Anubrata has said this while answering to media.

Beside this he also said that, “ They will attack on us, shoot at us and we will feed them with Roshogolla?”

CPM-Trinamool Congress conflict had sparked panic in the Khoyrasol area of Birbhum district in West Bengal on Monday afternoon. To maintain peace in the area local CPM leaders had organized a rally. The procession ended near the CPM party office.

The TMC party office was also in the same locality. It was claimed that the CPM activists started mocking the TMC supporters. Countering the CPM activists the TMC supporters also mocked at them this triggered a clash between both the party members.

The TMC supporters claimed that after this bullets were fired from the CPM party office targeting the TMC party office. About 5 to 6 rounds of bullets were shot, sources said. A TMC supporter was injured in this incident. He received bullets on his leg. No one has been arrested as of now.