“If BJP Wants To Score Good, Have To Expell Dilip-Mukul”


Barrackpore: State BJP should expell two leaders from party if it has focus to run long. They are face of BJP Dilip Ghosh and shifted leader Mukul Roy. BJP’s rise depends on them in Bengal but what will happen if they get expelled. No answer found rather State food minister cum TMC north 24 pargana’s president Jyotipriyo Mallick couldn’t answer.

On Thursday he talked about the success of BJP in a press conferance in Madhyamgram. He said, “Mukul Roy, Dlip Ghosh are funky in nature. So they have played their expected role. If BJP wants to score well in North 24 pargana both needs to be expelled from thye saffron camp.” But he didn’t say that BJP is unsuccessful in North 24 Pargana rather considering their success he said, “BJP has got the vote from CPM. No trace of CPM and Congress in panchayat.” They will keep the track of rise of BJP in coming Loksabha vote.

TMC just experienced 9 loss among 199 gram panchayat seats in North 24 Pargana. Talking about the failure he said, “We will regain the 9 lost seats in coming days. We will make the figure double in 2019.”

He talked about retaliatory move against BJP which ignited a controversy among political concerns. He said, ” Murder can not be a solution against murder. We won’t takeaway lives. BJP is brutal. They are playing with lives in the name of politics.”