If BJP Turns Weak, Mamata Will be In Shaky Situation: Surya Kanta Mishra


If BJP Turns Weak, Mamata Will be In Shaky Situation: Surya Kanta Mishra

Kolkata: To turn the two days CITU called general strike a successful, the party called a press conference to talk about the instructions and key points behind the programme.

Mamata Banerjee led government has instead made stringent preparations to foil the Left trade unions’ nationwide general strike against Narendra Modi government on 8-9 January.

In a retaliatory reply to Mamata Banerjee and attacking her he said that, “If BJP turns weak, Trinamool will also get vulnerability. If Mamata turns vulnerable so BJP will turn weak. That’s why Mamata Banerjee led government is worried about the event. So BMS and INTTUC have kept themselves out of the event. But the lower division government employees have responded to it.”

In the press conference, the party has urged all small and micro businessmen to keep their shop close on those days. Apparently, electricity workers and other people related to sanitation have been invited to join the general strike.

In the fourty eight hours strike, the State people are expecting to be harrased to reach their workplaces. But the State administration made stringent plan to foil the strike. Still the common people are not convinced or assured on this. Many examinations have been scheduled on those dates. The app cab companies like OLA and Uber have joined the strike. After all a fifty-fifty situation raised before the strike.