“If Amitabh is arrested for Maggi, Shatabdi-Mithun should be arrested for Saradha”


Kolkata: Whenever Kunal Ghosh has opened his mouth, he has hit the headlines. After a hearing at the City Sessions Court in Kolkata, Kunal while going back at the police van straight away said that 8 ministers and 6 MLAs are directly associated with the Saradha Chitfund Scam. He even said that the accused ministers have taken huge sums of money for their present wealthy status. As they have based themselves on the Chitfund row, they should not make any comment on the ongoing Chitfund probe in the state.

Bringing in instance of the Maggi row that has shaken the country, Kunal surfaced the case of FIR being lodged against Amitabh, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta at the Muzaffarpur Court and said that if these celebrities get pulled up for being the brand ambassadors of Maggi, similarly, Mithun Chakrabaorty and Birbhum MP Shatabdi Roy should also be brought into light by the police as they were the brand ambassadors of Saradha.

Kunal Ghosh concluded his statement saying that he would see the end of this case and will wait for that day when the big shots of the govt lands behind the bar in connection to the chitgate probe.