Idols Vandalised In 2 Temples Of Dinajpur, One Arrested


Dhaka: Police have arrested one person for vandalising idols at two temples on Friday in the frontier district of Dinajpur. The incident took place in the Kali Temple of Phultala cremation ground in the Dinajpur Sadar and the Durga Puja Temple at Masimpur.

Police said that on Friday night, a man named Bappi Shahariyar ran away after cutting down the head of the idols at the Samsankali Temple and later in the Durga Puja mandap of Masimpur.

On Saturday morning, Sadar Kashaba thana police officials arrested the accused from Hamzapur. Police further said that Bappi was working in Bangladesh Army and was discharged from service due to mental illness.

Whip and local lawmaker (MP) Iqbalur Rahim, Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner Mir Khairul Alam and Police Super Hamidul Alam visited the spot on Saturday morning.

Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner Mir Khairul Alam said the matter was being investigated. Local MP, Whip Iqbalur Rahim said that it was the work of radical fundamentalists. The police administration has been asked to investigate the matter further and take action against the culprits.

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