Idol Worship: Mamata On The Wall, Gandhi & Tagore On Floor


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has often instructed her partymen to follow the ideals of national icons like Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi. And it seems, her partymen have taken up her advice a bit too seriously. So much so, that their pictures can be seen lying on the floor at Trinamool party offices in Bengal!

While Mamata Banerjee’s poster adorns the Trinamool party office at North Burdwan’s Hatgobindapur village, images of Tagore and Gandhi can be seen lying on the floor, right next to where the partymen have kept their shoes!

The village party office is usually filled with workers who stream-in at any time of the day. And while entering the main room they leave out their shoes outside. But what was unsuspecting for the party workers came as a shocker for others. Framed pictures of Tagore and Gandhi were seen lying at the floor as partymen left their shoes next to them! One wonders how such an act can be overlooked by the party patrons and workers when Mamata Banerjee herself has often echoed ideologies by the revered icons.


On being quizzed, party local leader Shyamal Dutta accepted their fault but was quick to come up with an ‘explanation’ too. “Yes we were at fault, but the pictures came to our office yesterday itself. We had ordered those to use the pictures to adorn the walls. But the office remains closed on Sundays. So we could not place them properly yesterday.” Dutta said.

Interestingly, the Burdwan (North) Trinamool MLA Nisith Malik was also present inside the party office while this happened. On his part, Malik too seemed unperturbed by the incident. Clearly embarrassed, the MLA said they had removed the pictures immediately after realising the mistake.

“This was a fault on the part of the party workers but it was not done knowingly. The pictures were brought only yesterday. After they realized the mistake, the pictures were removed from there”.

However, the opposition was quick to hit below the belt. “Given the political and social culture of TMC, I am not surprised. If the opposite would have happened, that would have been a shocker,” said Burdwan CPI(M) secretary Achinto Mullick reminding that just naming a streets and stations on icons do not make sense unless one followed their ideals.

India Today
Courtesy- Indrajit Kundu