IB Stand Before Question After ‘Routine Patrol’ Outside Alok Verma’s House


Kolkata: #CBIvsCBI. Four officials have been detained on Thursday and handed to Delhi police. Now the question arises over the presence of Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials around the ‘removed’ director of CBI Alok Verma.

Intelligence Bureau is a body who directly connected to the Prime Minister Office regarding country’s safety and security. There is Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau who works under IB in every State.

The IB is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting intelligence on situations that may affect, inter alia, public order and internal security. It’s units are routinely deployed on a regular basis in sensitive areas.

The men were seen waiting in two cars since Wednesday night outside the Janpath bungalow until intercepted and held by Verma’s chief security officer. They were caught on the allegation of snooping on Verma. The CBI chief had earlier been sent “on leave”.

After a video showing the four being dragged by Verma’s personnel security officers went viral, the IB issued a statement said they were on routine patrol. But why such ‘vigil’ on him after announcing ‘leave’.

The four were handed over to the Delhi Police. They identified themselves as Dheeraj Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Prashant Kumar and Vineet Kumar Gupta, claiming to be IB officers.

As a clarification of the issue, IB officials said that, no specific intention was there. It was a routine patrol as the area is a completely high-profile zone. It is a daily routine ‘vigil’.