IAF Staff May Face Action Over Pathankot Attack


Pathankot: Senior MoD officials on Saturday were dismayed at non-maintenance of the 11-foot-high perimeter wall at Pathankot air base (in Punjab) which faced a major terror attack on January 2, 2016.

After inspecting the base, a senior MoD official signalled that the IAF staff, including senior officers, may face action over security lapse at the air base.

“Poor state of security at the IAF base in Pathankot is unpardonable,” the MoD official said.
On January 1, a group of heavily-armed Pakistani terrorists entered the airbase from the western periphery wall of the airbase where a clump of eucalyptus trees tower over the 11-foot-tall wall.

In a pre-dawn attack, the terrorists attacked the IAF base on January 2. Six Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were gunned down by the security forces after a four-day gun battle. Seven Indian security personnel also lost their lives.

The ease with which the terrorists penetrated the base and carried a huge cache of weapons raised several questions on the safety and security of the air base.

However, the MoD officials on Saturday made it clear that no insider was involved in the terror attack. Earlier, investigative officers had found that three fence floodlights at the air base were pointing upwards while every other light there was in the right direction.