IAF Exercise Gives G-force Thrill To Flyers Off From Kolkata


Kolkata: The biggest military exercise in recent times involving the Indian Air Force (IAF) has thrown up some collateral benefits. Gaganshakti, currently underway in the northern and eastern skies, has unwittingly provided many flyers from the city a dizzying g-force rush.

Since Tuesday, the day Gaganshakti began in the Kolkata Flight Information Region (FIR), Mumbai- and Delhi-bound flights taking off from the city airport during sorties have had to go into a steeper-than-usual climb immediately after take-off, giving flyers a little of the vertiginous thrill many actively seek in amusement park rides.

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The exercise in Kolkata FIR — which includes IAF bases at Kalaikunda, Barrackpore, Panagarh, Purnea, Bagdogra, Hashimara, Jorhat, Tezpur and Gorakhpur — will continue till Friday. Large chunks of airspace that are usually free for flights have been reserved by IAF for this operation. This is why flights are having to do a steeper climb.