I Went To A SBI Branch To Ask For Loan Because I Wanted To Follow The Footsteps Of My Mentor Vijay Mallya: Nirav Modi


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New Delhi: The entire country is anxious to find out Nirav Modi. Meanwhile Modi breaks his silence. In an explosive confession, Nirav Modi has revealed that he had initially approached State Bank of India for loan with Vijay Mallya’s reference, but a bank employee had turned him down saying it was lunch time.

Nirav Modi himself shared the story with media. “I went to a SBI branch to ask for loan because I wanted to follow the footsteps of my mentor Vijay Mallya, but they refused to provide. I told him I am a billionaire jeweller and I have some urgent work in the bank, but he did not care and said only Swiggy delivery boys were welcomed in the bank during lunch hours and no one else,” Nirav Modi told the media.

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“I assumed they had never heard the name Nirav Modi before, so I told them I am a businessman. But one employee laughed at my face on hearing that and said it does not matter if you are Nirav Modi or Narendra Modi, no one can make SBI employees work during lunch hours. This made me so angry that I decided I will never come to SBI again. I called my mentor Vijay Mallya after that and he suggested visiting Punjab National Bank,” he added.

The employee who prevented the scam said, “After the Vijay Mallya incident, we are making sure that no one can scam us. We won’t allow anyone to exploit the public’s money. In fact, we have started implementing such safety measures that even the public can’t walk away with their own money; that is why all our ATMs are never working,”
The SBI employee who had disappointed Nirav Modi was awarded by the bank because he blocked a huge scam.

Source: TOI