I Was Targeted For Murder: CM Mamata


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said that she was been targeted for murder. While an interview on a regional news channel she has come up with this explosive statement. She told that contract killers were hired to kill her.For this, a political party gave advance money.The Chief Minister’s explosive statement has raised speculations among the state politics. She said a conspiracy was being hatched by a political party to kill her for political gains, but did not mention any names.

She said the modus operandi was to first assassinate one’s character and then to eliminate the person.

“But I am not afraid of death…conspiracy was hatched earlier too to kill me,” she said.

In an interview to a Bengali television channel ‘Zee 24 Ghanta’, Banerjee said, “I know a conspiracy is being hatched by a political party to kill me. It has even given contract (supari) for the purpose. Advance has also been given to the contract killers, who had undertaken a recce at my residence, office and places around them”.

The TMC supremo said she had already prepared her “political will” and that nobody could put her party in jeopardy.

“Since I am very practical, I have already prepared my political will, incorporating everything about who will be the leader of my party in my absence and who will do what. They (the conspirers) won’t be able to put my party in trouble,” she said.

The chief minister said the police and intelligence had suggested her to change her residence for a stronger security arrangement.

“But I love the people and want to work for their development…nobody can issue threats to me and stop me from working for them,” she said.