‘I Was Not Given Credit For Owning Dada’s Photos Used By Media’


Kolkata: It is always news if the Prince of Kolkata plays his own ‘gully’ cricket right at North Kolkata itself. Dada has every right to be trending on every social platform known to the netizens. But does the person behind this social ‘trend’ need mention? Finds out Subhapam Saha.

For the last few days Former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly has been trending on social media. Reason ? He was shooting for a commercial at a lane in North Kolkata’s Durgacharan Mitra Street. A few snapshots and a video of this moment went viral. The media outlets even carried this story. But does anyone know about the owner of these few snaps and videos ? No, None. Because the iconic batsman is always a hero, be it in the stadium or at a mere common lane, and the person behind it is not. Atleast the ‘viral’ episode on social and media platforms prove so.

Anirban Charan, the man behind the spread of this episode, feels sad for not being given any credit. Anirban, 26 year old boy from Dum Dum, is a student of LLB. He had visited his in-laws’ house at Durgacharan street when he found that ‘dada’ was shooting right in front of his in-laws’ house. Quite naturally, he did not want to miss this golden opportunity. Anirban, having an ardent interest in photography, lost no time in clicking photos of Kolkata’s prince. Not only photos, but to make this event memorable, he videographed it too. To express his joy, he took to facebook and youtube (social media platforms) where he posted and uploaded them respectively.

Anirban expected just a few likes on his facebook post. But to his utter surprise, his post became viral. Anirban said, “I thought that my post would get 200-300 likes. But I saw that my post gained huge number of shares. I felt excellent. But in the last 24 hours, the subject moved from being one of merriment to disheartening. Almost all the media used my pictures to report the story. But, except 1 or 2, none of them gave me credit. Several media even reported wrongly of the date and time of the shooting. The video I gave in youtube was also used to make stories. But none gave me credit.”

Anirban refuses to stay silent. He has decided to answer back legally for not giving him his due credit.

This happens everytime, but none gets reported. But what happens once it gets reported?

Edited By Saheli Dey