I Paid Rs 10,000, Yet EC Didn’t Let Me Vote: Madan Mitra


Kolkata: ‘I paid ten thousand rupees, yet the Election Commission did not let me vote.” rued Madan Mitra, former transport minister of West Bengal and TMC candidate from Kamarhati, who is also facing trial as an accused in the multi crore Saradha scam.

“I paid Rs 10,000 as security deposit but EC did not let me go to my constituency, they did not even permit me to cast my vote. This tortures on me will be answered by people and I will win by 20, 000 vote and TMC will secure 200 seats.” said Madan after he was discharged from SSKM hospital today.

However, the minister seems to lack the knowledge that prisoners, both convict and under-trails are not allowed to vote, so his accusation against the constitutional body does not hold ground.

Madan Mitra criticized EC’s role in their conduct of the Assembly Polls. He said that this process has surpassed the Bihar’s model too. He alleged that Jawans from the central force went inside houses and beat up people. Houses were located 500 meters away from the booths. As a response to this allegation, he said that “Jotoi maruk, sesh mar marbe Banglar manush.” (Let them beat as much as they want, the citizens of Bengal will speak at the end). This was an indication to the results on May 19 of the Bengal Assembly Polls.

The EC had put Madan Mitra under strict observation. Just before the phase 5 assembly polls, Madan Mitra, at the Alipore Central Jail, had complained of chest pain accompanied by fever and breathing problems. He was shifted to the SSKM. But on account of the opposition’s complaint that he might intimidate and influence the entire process of election from the hospital itself, the EC tightened its grip on him. He was denied of any communication with anyone except his family members. He was not even allowed a mobile phone.