I Had Connection With Maoists: Kabir Suman


Kolkata: Noted Bengali singer and former TMC MP Kabir Suman on Sunday admitted about his connection with Maoists. On this day, Suman stood beside the students of Calcutta Medical College who withdrew their hunger strike on Monday afternoon, after the Calcutta Medical College authority accept their demand.

Kabir Suman confirmed that there was no one to listen him in the Trinamool Congress party. He only had contact with the Maoists.

On Monday, the Calcutta Medical College students withdrew their fourteen days hunger strike after the authority agreed their demand.On Sunday, a student was also admitted to the hospital as his condition deteriorated.This student movement was soon spread on social media. People from different domain came and stood beside the Calcutta Medical College students.

Reportedly, on Sunday, singer Kabir Suman visited the medical college. He first requested the students to withdraw their hunger strike and to have food. He also said the students to have food for the sake of their parents and their loved ones.But the students clearly said that they will not withdraw the strike until the authority accepts their demand.

Later, Suman wanted to know more about the families of the students who were protesting. He also asked that how many students belong to a farmer’s family. He also asked if he can help them by joining their movement and standing beside them.What do the students want from him?

It was requested from the the people sitting on hunger strike that if Kabirada would speak about the matter to Mamata di.A request came from the students who were protesting was- “Kabir da, if you can convey about our protest to Mamata di.”

This statement made the former TMC MP Suman bit furious, he then replied with an angry tone- “I do not have any connection with her. What do you think, we talk everyday?”

He further added, “We have fought together, I’m not a goverment body now, what can I do?”

Kabir Suman said, “I had connections with the Maoists. They are dead. I do not have any friends. My friend was Barbara Rao. “