‘I Could Have Been The Third One Dead’


Howrah: Horrific details regarding the Santragachi stampede incident have emerged after speaking to one of the witnesses of the incident. While speaking to Kolkata24x7, Ranjurima Das, who was also seriously injured, said, “I could feel a major push from behind. I lost my balance as a result and my leg hit an iron beam hard.”

Ranjurima, amidst excruciating pain in her swollen leg, said, “I was returning home from office around 5:45 in the evening. Crowd had already assembled at the footbridge of platform number one.” Moments ago, trains came at both the Up and Down lines. People started rushing. Ranjurima was in the middle of the footbridge. Neither did the huge line at the footbridge move forward, nor did it move backward.

A photographer by profession, Ranjurima said, “I am a daily passenger of this route which remains crowded. But never such a situation occurred before. The RPFs present did not understand that the situation was gradually going out of control.”

The RPF officials were instructing the people on the bridge to go to the platform slowly. Unfortunately, the situation already worsened by then. People started abusing and pushing each other, which led to brawls, as informed by Ranjurima. She said, “After this, more rail police came and instructed those who were moving towards platform number 1, to move backwards. Those who moved to the footbridge from platform number 5 were also asked to move backwards.”

The girl informed that meanwhile, several came under the feet of hundreds. She started recording and making a video. On this she said, “Everyone needs to be informed that what is the condition of such a big station.” At this moment, she felt a big push from behind. She lost her balance and fell down the stairs and her left hit an iron beam. She had to stay at the bridge along with the excruciating pain in her leg. Then, in that condition, she had to walk through the platform number 5 to come out of the station.

The girl said that, “This situation could happen any day as there in only one footbridge. The platform of the train is changed at the last moment.”

The angry locals have said that such an incident could take place once again in the future if the Railways do not take a lesson yet. In the stampede on Tuesday evening, 2 people died and 12 were injured. Ranjurima said, “I could have been the third one.”

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee
Edited By: Saheli Dey