I can’t say, Let’s have a baby now : Sunny Leone


Indore:  Bollywood Sex-Bomb Sunny Leone, who has been married to Daniel Weber since 2009, says that she will have to wait for a while to become a mother. The actor says that she has just started out in Bollywood, and that she doesn’t think it is possible for her to get pregnant during this phase of her career.

“I want to have children one day, but I don’t think it is possible for me at the moment. I am not in that phase of my 11701131_390196107855207_5591380412485816049_ncareer where I can just say, ‘let’s have a baby!’… I don’t see myself getting pregnant any time soon,” says the 34-year-old.

Meanwhile, the actor, who is currently seen hosting a reality TV show, says that her marriage is still a fairytale romance. “I still remember that before we got married, Daniel courted me for six weeks. He was in New York and I was in Los Angeles — 3000 miles apart. But he would send me flowers, chocolates and mixed CDs of my favourite songs, and write poems for me, too! He did sweet things that didn’t cost much. In fact, the diamonds and all came much later,” says the actor, adding, “Even now, he often leaves me ‘I love you’ notes that I see and get surprised when I come home. And I still get teddy bears as gifts.”