I am not in Award-Wapsi Gang: Kamal Haasan


Hyderabad: Film star Kamal Haasan has suggested that “intolerance” be debated once every five years, but says he believes returning awards is “futile.” He also said that I don’t want to be the member of award-wapsi gang.

Returning awards is futile. It does not help anything. You will just insult the government and those who gave awards to you with love, the 60-year-old actor said about several writers, filmmakers and others.

“They won’t listen to me, but we hope that they are not too angry, hope that they too are a little tolerant,” Kamal Haasan said at a function in Hyderabad to promote his new film Cheekati Rajyam.

“These people are talented they can find other ways to protest and fight against intolerance,” he added. A debate on “intolerance” has raged nationwide after incidents like the murder of rationalists and mob killings over beef-eating and cow slaughter.