I am a true Muslim: Sakshi Maharaj


New Delhi: Often making it to the headlines for controversial comments, BJP MP Sakshi Mahwaj stirred another controversy by claiming that he was a true Muslim and Prophet Mohammed was the biggest practitioner of yoga.

Maharaj said, “In Islam, the biggest name is that of Mohammed and I think Mohammed saab is a great yogi. I think that a Muslim is one with ‘iman’, thus a Mussalman. I am a true Muslim.”

Earlier, hitting out at Uttar Pradesh Minister Mohd Azam Khan, who has advised Yogi Adityanath to offer namaz, the controversial BJP MP said that Hindus do not have problem in taking name of ‘Allah’ as they believe in different cultures but if Azam Khan has guts he should speak ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and prove that he is a true Indian.