I Am A Simple Fan Of The Indian Cricketer- Shami: Alishwa


New Delhi: Kolkata24x7.com broke the news first time that ‘The Pak Beauty Likely To Give Her Version In Camera’. Alishwa, the Pakistani citizen is under the limelight since Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan rocked the Indian cricket fraternity when she accused her husband of multiple extra-marital affairs and domestic abuse.

Now in the latest development, the Pakistani beauty named Alishwa has come infront to the media for the very first time. She clarifies all the allegations, charged against her.

Jahan has released an exclusive audio tape of her alleged phone conversation with the cricketer, in which he agreed that he has taken money from the girl in Pakistan. Amidst the controversy, Alishwa denied the allegations of match fixing.

As Hasin Jahan added serious charges on his husband, claiming Shami could be involved in match-fixing, Alishwa confirms that she has sent a text to Shami, when the ICC Champions Trophy match was over. In a video conference, Alishwa confirms it to Umesh Kumar, Editor- In- Chief, Samachar Plus.

The Pakistani citizen further adds that their conversation started when she went through the page of Shami, “I checked his page, and sent him a message. Our conversation begins”- Alishwa claims.

As per Hasin, Shami went to Dubai after South Africa and India test series and met a girl from Pakistan. As per claims made by Hasin earlier, she alleged Shami went to Dubai and took money from the girl from Pakistan. Alishwa’s counter back is like that – my sister stays in Dubai, and I used to go there to meet with her.