Hydraulic Ladder Could Not Be Used In Bagri Market Fire


Kolkata: A hydraulic ladder could not be used in the fire incident at Bagri market.
For not using it, the fire is still raging even after 31 hours, as believed by the
Kolkata Police and fire servicemen.

The fire broke out on Sunday at 2:45 am at Burrabazar’s Bagri market. Fire is still
there in the upper floors. The fire service men are finding it difficult to douse
them. Water is being given from the building opposite to it too.

Despite earnest efforts, water could not be sent to the top floors for which the
fire is spreading easily. But if the hydraulic ladder could be used, then this
difficulty could be minimised.

The Bagri market is full of wires and it is impossible to take a ladder upwards by
moving through the fire fence. The space needed to to into use a hydraulic ladder,
is not present in the area. The market area is a clumsy place.

But a big ladder is needed to douse the flames.

Reported By: Subhash Baidya
Edited By: Saheli Dey