Hydrated Skin, Happy Skin!


Skin loses its natural moisture in winter. It tends to be extremely dry and patchy. Oil glands turn weakest during this season which leads to cracked and itchy skin.

We are here to provide you with some easy tips to keep your skin and body hydrated in winter:

  • Avoid taking hot water baths or saunas. It deprives the skin of its natural moisture. Use lukewarm water for bathing.You can add drops of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, jasmine which helps to moisturize the skin.
  • Try exfoliating your face and body just once a week or once every two weeks. You still get smooth without damaging already stressed skin. Preferably use natural exfoliators.
  • Use facial moisturizers after a bath. Oatmeal, cocoa butter,oil based cream prove to be natural healer for dry skin. Apply the oils or moisturizer to the skin when it’s slightly damp. That way, moisture becomes trapped in the skin rather than evaporating in the air.moisturizers
  • Lips and cuticles are sensitive to dryness. Lips can be kept soft and dry by brushing it with organic lip balms. It can be made in home with coconut oil,beeswax and essential oils. Cuticles can also be treated by soaking them for 5 to 10 minutes in olive oil, vitamin E oil.lip-balms
  • Use a humidifier when indoor, or keep a bowl of water near the radiatiors. Humidity level remains in place.
  • Keep your body hydrated with healthy fluids. Caffeine based products are known to eliminate water. Have watery foods like soup and avoid fried foods. Most importantly, indulge in fat laden foods, not the junk but enriched in omega fatty acids.drink-water