Hungry Bear Interrupts Golf Game, Steals Snacks


Washington: A big black bear casually interrupted a game of golf underway in the United States and even stole a snack from one of the golfers. And yes, it was all caught on camera.

In the video, the bear walks across the golf greens in Moose Run Creek Course in Anchorage, Alaska. It stops briefly to try and take a flag from a golf hole but then wanders over to inspect the golf caddies.

Gary Cox and his golfing partner try to scare the bear away by yelling at it. At one point, one of the men even aims a golf ball at it, but all the while the bear seems more curious than scared.

Unperturbed, the bear sniffs around the bags and makes off with a snack.

Watch the bizarre animal-man encounter below:

Posted on Facebook, the clip has been viewed over 11,000 times since May 30. It has been shared 194 times.

“Does not look like any playing partner I would want,” writes Brice Pearson on Facebook.

According to ABC 13, Mr Cox says the bear “crossed behind us in a dead run, then followed us up along the tree line. The bear was never even bothered by us and followed us 100 yards to the next hole.”

Still, this uncomfortably close encounter may end up being one reason for those of us terrified of bears, to not book a golfing trip to Alaska any time soon. Or, you know, ever.

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