Hungarian Fish ‘Amur’ To Soon Grace Bengali’s Plate


Kolkata: State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) will introduce a new variety of fish before the Pujas – amur. The fish rom Hungary looks very close to Rohu and tastes better than Catla, according to officials of SFDC. Amur will cost Rs 100 per kilogram (kg), much cheaper than Rohu and Catla.

The SFDC has imported two thousand Amur. If people like the taste of the fish, then steps will be taken to grow the variety in hatcheries of Bengal on a large scale. As of now, Amur has been planned to be cultivated at the Nalban hatchery of SFDC.

The managing director of SFDC said the Amur fingerling grows upto 2 kg within 6 months while Rohu and Catla fingerlings take nearly two years to reach a weight of 2 kg, leading to frequent shortage of supply. This causes over dependence on the supply of fishes from Andhra Pradesh.