Hundreds of People Came To Kolkata To Protest Against Barkati


Kolkata: In a promotional campaign for Mamata Banerjee, The Shahi Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Mosque, Maulana Noorur Rahman Barkati declared an award of Rupees 25 lakhs for shaving the head and beard of PM Narendra Modi.

The Imam was speaking at a joint conference by the All India Majlis-e-Sura and All India Minority Forum and now a boy named Updesh Rana came to Kolkata from Mumbai to challenge Shahi Imam for his controversial remark. Near about 150 followers were come with him into Kolkata. They demand unconditional apology for insulting the PM Modi. Updesh Rana said in an exclusive interview with Kolkata24x7.

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TMC leader Idrish Ali was also present at the ceremony when Imam issued fatwa against PM Modi. Modi is now the administrative chief of India.  Imam violated the constitution because Modi is now the administrative chief of India. Updesh Rana also said that If Imam did not apologized then the result will not be very good for Imam.

After This, Updesh Rana was posted a video on Youtube. Upodesh is a resident of Meerut, UttarPradesh. He worked in Mumbai. He also said that he is not from any political party. Apart from this Rana told that at first he is a true Indian and for this we came here to protest against this fatwa and Imam.  Maulana Noorur Rahman Barkati will organize press conference tomorrow and will address secular vs. communal.