Humayun Kabir Returns to Trinamool Before Elections


Berhampore: Expelled leader Humayun Kabir returns back to his party trinamool just before the 2016 Assembly elections, said sources. Humayan Kabir had a meeting with party district president Mannan Hosen at his residence on Tuesday. According to sources, Humayun was called back by senior party officials to rejoin his party many times earlier. But today, Humayun has  officially returned to  Murdshidabad District Trinamool leadership.

After the dispute with Party member Indranil sen,Murshidabad’s Rejinagar area trinamool Leader Humayun Kabir was expelled from his own group. After several notices and warnings by the party teammates the dispute between Humayun and Kabir couldn’t be stopped. He was seen to get into spat openly at party meetings.

Humayun Kabir’s foray into politics was through the hands of Congress. He was elected the MLA in 2011. Later he changed party and joined Mamata.

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