Humanity Sleeps on Railway Tracks

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Athens: The refugee crisis deepened on Sunday as thousands of migrants continued to try and make their way into European countries.

Hundreds of migrants slept on the railway tracks on the border of Greece and Macedonia last night as their desperate bid to flee their war-torn homes crept into another day.

Many had bare feet and were wearing the clothes they left in as they huddled together on the sharp stones that jutted out from between the tracks.

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Their conditions emerged as a convoy of 140 cars departed from Vienna as part of an aid mission started by residents.

Austrians today spoke of their plans to bring refugee families stuck in Hungary to their homes, with police forced to warn citizens they could end up violating laws on human trafficking.

They had fled to Budapest earlier this week but were refused asylum and told they were not allowed to board trains to the west.

The migrant crisis had jolted the world when a Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi died a horrible death at the sea and his body was washed ashore.