Human Skeleton Recovered From School Premises


Tamluk: Chaos erupted in Midnapore’s Tamluk’s Srirampur over the recovery of human skeleton from the school premises, which renovation in the school was underway.  Scared, the workers ran away after finding a human skeleton.

The renovation was underway at Srirampur Bhuvan Kalua primary school. At that time, while excavating the mud, the human skeleton was found. The workers were doing their work from wee hours of the morning. At around 9 am, the head of the skeleton first came out. After that, bones of other parts of the body came out. Chaos spread in the area naturally.

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The locals rushed to the area after the news spread. The Tamluk police station was alerted who came and recovered the bones of the skeleton.

The locals have demanded for a thorough investigation by the administration as to whose body is it, how did it come and how old was the body.