Huge ‘Tornado’ Like Formations Across Coastal Thiruvananthapuram


Thiruvananthapuram: Is any Kerala tsunami warning messages given by official sources is inquired by all. These questions stared from Sunday, 26th November 2017 (26/11/17) afternoon when few extra ordinary happenings were witnessed by people who came to spend their weekend at Veli, Shangumugham, Kovalam beaches. Heavy rainfalls also accompanied these areas. Immediately rescue mission forces and Police rushed to these spots are confirmed that there was nothing to get afraid.

Social media is now filled with fake Tsunami warning messages after few water spouts were found in coastal areas in Thiruvananthapuram. And people are asking whether there any coastal area tsunami warnings or heavy rainfalls predictions given by weather reports.

It is true that there is heavy rainfall and clouds are getting darker showing that there there will be more rains coming as on 27-11-2017. This is only a normal situation because of climate changes in South India. Situations became worse when videos and photos taken by people who witnessed water spouts were shared along with earthquake – tsunami predictions made by a person named Babu Kalayil few weeks back.

When watyer spouts were found at Trivandrum and heavy rainfalls witnessed it was predictions made by Babu Kalayil few weeks back which has become viral. Not only did Babu Kalayil say that he made predictions using ESP or extra sensory perception he even send his findings to Indian Prime minister’s office saying that tsunami or seeshma waves will hit before 31 December 2017 (31/12/2017) affecting around 11 countries in World.

Babu Kalayil’s organization is named as B.K. Research Association for E.S.P and his findings are startling.

Kerala tsunami warning by Babu Kalayil – Believe it or Not ?

Earthquake and Tsunami warning by Babu Kalayil has no official clarification from weather departments of any country. Bbau Kalayil had said that 11 countries like India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Gulf will get affected by earthquakes, tsunami before end of December 2017.

Any way present water sprouts found in Thiruvananthapuram area has nothing to get worried. It is only a normal situation that happens in coastal areas at all times.

What is Water Sprout ?
Waterspout is a funnel shaped cloud which happens above water bodies. Usually waterspoouts are weaker forms of air forming around water. There are tornado and non-tornado waterspouts found in different parts of World.