Huge Set Back For Saffron Brigade, 80 Families Joins TMC In Kalna


Kalna: Another story of supporter-shift in Bengal’s political scene. Eighty families from Kalna have joined Trinamool on Tuesday. Reportedly, they were in BJP for long time.

Local ‘grassroot’ supporters said, eighty families from block number 2 of Kalna in Bardhaman districts have joined TMC after leaving BJP. The meeting held in a district party office in Kalna.

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কালনায় তৃণমূলে যোগ দিল বিজেপি সমর্থিত ৮০ পরিবার

On the day of meeting, TMC has officially welcomed families in their pavilion. The meeting was chaired by Block President Pranab Roy.

Reportedly, the opposition party has denied this sort of change.  Bardhaman district BJP president Krishna Gosh said, most of the locals have already in the saffron brigade. TMC is creating a panicked situation with fraud legal case. Reportedly, four-five years back a case had been filed on a local water body. TMC is using this issue as to create panic among people.

“There are difference between one or two families and eighty families.  Maximum one or two families have joined TMC till now”, he added.