Huge Pinch In Wallet For Bidhannagar Passengers During Vishwakarma Puja


Kolkata: There’s a festive mood in the city as it is Vishwakarma puja (God of technology). Vishwakarma is considered to be the original creator, architect, divine engineer of the universe. On Monday September 17 Vishwqakarma puja has been celebrated across the nation. Kolkatans worshiped the divine engineer, hence, most of the offices and institutions remained closed on this day. But for some it was a regular day. Through the daily hustle-bustle of the city they had to travel office. The office goers especially in the Bidhannagar and Salt Lake area had to bear some pain as the auto fares rose more faster than the fuel price in the city.

Here is the details of the situation at Bidhannagar area on the day of Vishwakarma puja.

The situation in the Bishannagar auto stand and areas in vicinity like Hudco crossing at 9.30am was chaotic. There was a huge crowd waiting for buses and autos which were not in proper movement due to the Vishwakarma puja. Few buses which were available had no space when it reached Bidhannagar, buses were overcrowded. And autos that were available troubled the commuters a lot. Autos demanded huge fares.Overall the situation was hassling.

However, it’s not a new issue. Officer goers in this area faces the same problem not only on a special day but also on a regular basis. Auto drivers in this area rises the fares without any legal notice. They often demands huge fares form the commuters. Even when the numbers of the autos in the stand are sufficient they deny to the take any passengers. The commuters had to face the ordeal daily. Therefore, it is really taxing on the blood pressure of the office goers and often gives them a huge pocket pinch.

“The autos demanded Rs 50 from Bidhannagar station to Purtya Bhavan today, but the actual fares id Rs 14, they often increases the fares,” said Saheli Dey an office goer.

“I was getting late for the office so I had to bear the pain and gave Rs 50 fare as he demanded,” said another office goer Subarna Patra.

The 10.30am the number of office goers increased gradually as the day proceeded. The commuters stood waiting for any less crowded bus and autos. Many were getting late for the office but does it matter anything to the auto drivers. The auto stand had sufficient numbers of autos but no one was ready to move an inch as it is Vishwakarma puja, the day they worship it. But it was giving huge trouble to the commuters.It was just the scenario faced today. But here the commuters often deals with the same situation. The autos don’t move an inch till the passenger agrees to pay more fare. One has to pay Rs 25 or Rs 30 instead of Rs 14 which is the actual fare of the Bidhannagar Station to Karunamoyee. Other routes also demands more Rs 25 or Rs 30 fare increases to Rs 80 or even Rs 100. It can be said that the auto drivers raises the fares faster and more than the fuel price in our city.

The commuters have meet the drivers halfway as they have to travel the same route daily for traveling to their offices. No one raises their voice against this ordeal. So no voice reaches the administration. Day after day the ordeal goes continuing.

Reported By: Parna Sengupta

Edited By: Mousumi Das