Huge Loss Of Property & Money, How Will The Traders Bear Loss?


Kolkata: Massive fire broke out at Burrabazaar Bagri market on Saturday night. 30 fire tenders now at the spot. Bagri market is on Canning Street in Kolkata. The devastating fire in the city again. The fire has been so massive that black smoke engulfed the whole area. Several small explosions are reported inside the charred building of the Bagri market. The fire spread quickly due to the presence of inflammable substances. But the actual cause of fire will be probed by the police later. But initial report says the cause of the devastating fire could be the short-circuit.

It is the oldest wholesale market of Kolkata. There is no such thing that is not available in this market. The eye witnesses said that the fire was so intense that all the other nearby houses were also damaged due to this. The entire building of this old market has already got cracks the glass window pans were also broken.

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Since the early hours when the fire broke out, people started collecting and saving their goods as much as the could. Firefighters and the disaster management team are together trying to bring the fire under control. But all their attempts went in vain. At present 32 fire engines are working at the spot. The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has assured the distressed traders that she will provide them all kind of support. An after she returns from her foreign tour she will talk in this matter.

Presently, the firefighters have found problems as the water is gradually decreasing from their tank.They are using the water from the other building beside the market. In the meantime a firefighter fell ill and then he was taken to the Medical College Hospital for treatment.