Huge Catch Of Arms Recovered Near Tripura Border


Dhaka: Huge catch of arms have been recovered from Sathchori national forest In Bangladesh near to Indian border. RAB also raids the den of militants since Friday night. This place is just three Kilometers away from to the Tripura border.

ত্রিপুরা সীমান্ত লাগোয়া জঙ্গলে জঙ্গি অস্ত্র ভান্ডারের হদিশ

According to sources, The raid began on Saturday after weapons were found. RAB had previously recovered mortar shells, rocket launchers, machine guns and numerous explosives from the park, which borders the Indian state of Tripura.

A bunker was also discovered in the hills in the area. RAB officials said the weapons may have belonged to an Indian separatist group.

RAB conducted five raids in the area in 2014. The bunker, which contained 14 crates of explosives, was found beneath a stable for goats during one of the raids. Three cases have been filed over the weapons seizures, but final reports have yet to be submitted due to the lack of identifiable suspects.

A huge catch of arms had also recovered from this forest in 2014. Once upon a time,the den of Tripura Tiger force was in the forest. Later, Bangladesh arrested their main leader Ranjit Debbarma and after that handed over to the Indian government.