Huge Blast At Gas Station Rocks Ghana’s Capital


Accra: The huge explosion has rocked the town of Accra in Ghana, with shockwaves being felt as far as two miles away. The blast is near the base of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, who are responsible for researching nuclear power for the African nation.

Witnesses have describes thousands of people fleeing for their lives from the blast in Atomic Junction. Firefighters rushed to the scene to battle the inferno, which continued to rage as gas erupted from underground tanks.

At least six fire trucks and several ambulances responded to Saturday’s blast at Accra’s Atomic Junction near the University of Ghana, a witness told Reuters news agency.

The explosion at around 730pm local time (19:30 GMT) began at a station that sells liquefied natural gas and spread to a petrol station across the street, the witness said.

There was no immediate information about casualties.Images posted on social media purported to show a giant fireball high into the sky above the city, with residents warning of a “huge explosion” and “raging fire”.