Huge Amount Of Silver Jewellery Recovered From Malda Border


Englishbazar: Amid Durga Puja in West Bengal, huge amount of silver jwellwery have been recovered from the Bangladesh border in the district Malda.

Border Security Force has recovered five kg silver jewellery from the boder adjacent area on Monday morning which cost at least twenty lakh in the present time.

No connection has been recovered behind the incident. As per BSF version, it is a case of smuggling. The Taxation department will investigate the matter. All the recovered goods have been handed to the department.

Acting on tip, the Border Security Force chased two persons who were approaching the border road at Sasani. They threw away a bag and escaped.

“The bag containing 5.5 kg of silver ornaments was seized,” the official said.

During this year, the BSF South Bengal Frontier seized 91.288 kg of silver worth Rs 34.24 lakh.