Huge Amount Of Cash Seized From Bharati’s Car


Midnapore: Ghatal Lok Sabha poll will be held on Sunday May 12. Two days before, Bharati Ghosh, BJP candidate from the center, was detained on Thursday for allegedly possessing huge amount of money on Thursday night.

According to the police sources, during the search operation of police near Pingal Mandalbara at around 12:30 am, the former IPS was caught with money in four cars. The amount of money is more than two crore. Bharati Ghosh is being interrogated to know where she was being taken the money.

However, Bharati Ghosh denied all accusations and said, “Police are playing drama keeping money in the car. Trying to trap me.”

Earlier, Bharati Ghosh warned Trinamool Congress workers that if they intimidate voters, she will bring men from Uttar Pradesh to pull the TMC men out of their homes and beat them up like dogs. A video showing Ghosh threatening two alleged TMC workers has gone viral.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who was also campaigning in Ghatal, said, “Please don’t force me to open my mouth. We have let you contest. You are saying wrong things against people…Do not cross the limit.”