Huge Amount Of Anti-BJP Poster Spotted In Bankura


Bankura: Anti-BJP poster has been stamped on several walls of Bankura where BJP has been comparred with dogs. The incident took place in Mandalkuli village of Raipur in Bankura. The area comes under Jangalmahal where BJP scored well in Panchayat election defeating TMC. So it did not take much time to spread the words.

Political Tussle staredover this. BJP claimed TMC’s involvement in this case as a white paper is containing such alienating message.

According to local source, the poster has been posted on several wall on Monday where killings of BJP worker, house vandalising threat and many other thing have been written. Mandalhuli gram panchayat has been secured by BJP in last Panchayat election.

If BJP doesn’t leave the charge of the grasm panchayt, their family will be damaged. Police has recovered all the posters. From BJP, a written complain has been filed. Police couldn’t come out with any valid involvement. An investigation has been started and real culprit will be come out soon.