Huge Amount Of Cannabis Seized, 5 Arrested

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Mahishadal: A team of Mahishadal Police Station, arrested 5 accused for busting a racket of ganja. The team recovered over 50 kg of ganja. The arrested have been identified as– Ramakant Patra, Montu Patra, Montu Pradhan, Ripna Patra and Sunil Jana.

The gang was involved in transporting marijuana from remote parts of Odisha to Bengal. They have been using public vehicles to transport ganja from Odisha. They were travelling by a bus which is coming from Baleshwar, Odisha.

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According to police source, the bus was crossing to the Geokhali road, Mahishadal. After having the information from one confidential source, the police team entered into the bus and strated search operation.

On conducting a search of the bus, 50 kg ganja was recovered. O.C. Partha Biswas has informed that they are trying to track the actual culprit.