Hrithik Roshan To Star In Resul Pookutty’s Film


Mumbai: After his upcoming release of Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan is all set to be directed by Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, in his directorial debut. Resul, who worked closely with Hrithik during the shooting of Kaabil is so impressed with the actor’s dedication, passion, and all-round involvement with the making of the film, that he intends to now direct the superstar.

“Hrithik was hands-on from the word go. He was deeply interested and active in every department of the film. Sanjay Gupta didn’t mind at all. He believes in team spirit and he gladly welcomed Hrithik’s inputs. I was immensely impressed by Hrithik’s knowledge of filmmaking,” says Resul about the superstar, who has assisted father Rakesh Roshan in making some early films.

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Sound, it may be mentioned here, plays a very important part in Kaabil. Explains Resul, “Hrithik plays a blind character. His audio-sensory perceptions are, therefore, far sharper than yours or mine. We had to create a very nuanced sound design for this one.”
Also, Hrithik plays a dubbing artiste in the film. “Sound and voice are very important to Kaabil and Hrithik. Since he plays a dubbing artiste, he experimented with various voices.

Each one of them, including that of Mr Bachchan, has come out just right.” Though Resul is not talking about his directorial plans yet, industry sources say that it will feature Hrithik as a conscientious citizen of India, asking some pertinent questions about the state of the nation.