Howrah School Accused Of Beating Child


Howrah: In a shocking incident, a private school in Howrah has been accused of beating a student in the name of rules.

Though the incident took place on Friday, but the parents complained to the school authorities in writing on Monday. They have also informed about the incident to the Corporation’s Mayor Council.

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The mother of the child said, “On Friday, a quarrel broke out between the boys over tiffin. Then the other boys threw my son’s tiffin. But the boys complained that my son had spit on everyone’s tiffin. After this, the class teacher came and beat him in his leg and the other parts of his body.”

According to the mother, the child returned home and fell ill and was running high
fever. They complained about the entire incident to the school and local councillor Shyamal Mitra.

However, the school has rejected the entire incident. They blamed the student for not listening to anyone. The school said that before this, parents of other children complained against him. For this, his parents were called by the school and warned, but in vain.

The school said that they do not beat any child of the school and hence the complaint is baseless. But they have assured an investigation into the matter since a complaint was made. The school has claimed that they are running the school for a long time but such an event never happened.

The school has accused that the boy used to beat his classmates, spit and throw their tiffins. Before this, his parents were called but they were not ready to listen anything against their child.