Howrah Railway Station To Set Up Rooftop Solar Power


Howrah: Howrah railway station is set to go green with the installation of five megawatt rooftop solar panels on platform sheds. It will probably be the largest rooftop solar project in the Indian Railways.

Solar panel installation Work has already started at Howrah Station. This panel will produce five megawatts of electricity. Howrah is one of the oldest stations in the country. It is to be noted that 293 trains travel through Howrah station every day.

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10 thousand units of electricity are required every day. The Central Government has taken the plan of this solar project to reduce the demand for electricity. A Delhi-based company is working to install solar panels.

Sites engineer Sumit Punia said that Solar panel is being set up from platform number 17 to the 23rd platform. 1029 solar panels will set up on each roof top. Out of which, 4 megawatts of electricity will be used in the Howrah station, the remaining 1 MW will be surplus.

This project will save electricity bill of Rs 50 lakh per month. If this project is successful, 50-60 percent of the Howrah station electricity is expected to be met from solar power.