Howrah Planetorium, Bengali’s New Tourist Destination


Howrah: In an excellent initiative, a planetorium will be built at Howrah just like the Birla Planetorium. The initiative is being taken by Howrah Corporation and Mayor Rathin Chakraborty.

Works to build the planetorium are already in progress at Howrah Maidan’s Sarat Sadan hall. The structure of Howrah Planetorium will be almost similar to Birla Planetorium. It seems to be a sequel to the Birla Planetorium.

Years ago, the planning for another planetorium was hatched upon. Howrah’s Mayor Parishad Dibyendu De said, “We wanted to give a surprise to the citizens of Howrah. From there we hatched upon this idea. The Mayor has also gave his nod to it. The work is in progress.” He also added that, “This will be much better than the Birla Planetorium.”

Dibyendu De further added, “100 people will be, at one time, able to enjoy the Planetorium’s show. He said that many people from Howrah cannot go to Kolkata to
see the shows at Birla Planetorium. But from now on they will be able to enjoy it at Howrah only.

The walls of the planetorium will be covered in 4K resolution. The shows which will
show the universe and the stars will be in 3D. Besides this, it will also help in the study of astronomy just like Birla Planetorium. The citizens will also be able to see the moon and the starts during eclipses.

After the completion of Metro rail, the Kolkata citizens can also travel to Howrah to visit the planetorium. Hence, Howrah Planetorium could be a new tourist destination.

Mayor Rathin Chakraborty said, “We are trying our level best for the development of Howrah. From that initiative, we drew this idea, which is now getting shaped. It
will be a gift to the citizens before the Puja.”

The work at Panchanantala road is almost done. A new archive and a planetorium are
being built and is scheduled to be completed before the Puja.

Reporting By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Saheli Dey