Howrah: AC Out Of Service, Train Delayed

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Howrah: The Air-condition system in Guwahati bound Bengaluru express has stopped working which fell the passengers in great trouble. The passengers complaint that AC system in two coaches turned out of order just before entering Howrah Station.

The passengers enters in trouble after such incident. Two bogie have been attached with train in Howrah station. Nilay Sharma, a passenger who suffered from suffocation after the AC goes out of service. Many cardiac patient were in the train who needed medical assistant to bring back normal state.

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Many train are standing before entering Howrah station. As consequence of the incident Jagannath Express & Sambalpur Express have been diverted to Santragachi station. The early morning incident has troubled railway authority. Railway workers are moving the bogies fast. But no effect on local train service. It is running normally.