How you can treat you partner being silent?

How you can treat you partner being silent?

Silence is the best medicine to make your partner understand what they have done is wrong. We are different from each other and our nature too. We express our anger in various ways but our intention remains same and that is to let your partner know your value. And being silent is the best policy to treat your partner.
Psychologists say when you are hurt and angry with someone you want to hurt him back. And to do so you may say some words out of anger which can affect on you negatively. Your partner may not understand your value rather he may misunderstand you. So give him some time and you too take some time and let him understand his fault.

1.    Stop talking to your partner
Its very difficult but it works magically. If you want your partner to realise your value in his life then stop talk to him right now. This change will make him think of what is wrong.

2.    Pretend like they are nowhere beside you
Both of you may share same work place or institution then just ignore him. Talk to others but never look at him. Just pretend like you are not seeing him. If he comes to talk to you just leave the place.

3.    Give no news
Your family and friends should not tell him anything about you. If he asks they should tell they don’t know or you are doing well that’s all.

4.    Don’t answer
If he meets you and shout at you for your behaviour then just remain silent as if you can’t hear him. This is the best revenge you can take because ignorance hurt a person most.

5.    Don’t show weakness
Never show him your broken heart or hidden pain. Pretend to be happy in front of him show he doesn’t affect your life anymore.
After all these things when you will realise that your partner has understand what he has done was wrong then after this lesson he will never repeat it.

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