How to please your man in bed


If a woman knows how to please her man in bed, there are less chances that he will be looking for other women present around him. Follow five techniques in bed, and he will remain yours forever.

Oral Skills

Oral sex is the most enjoyable thing for men. You will be surprised to know about his powerful orgasms when you perform it correctly. And make sure that he enjoys it. Use a lot of saliva. It is something which he will like very much. You should always focus on the tip of his penis. It will create a different sensation within him.

Sex Positions

What are the sex positions which your man will like the most? Positions are very important for a perfect sex. Generally couples use 2-6 sex positions. If you want to please your man, try out some new sex positions. Look for what he wants.

Be Naughty

Pretty much anything that shows him how much you like sex and how much you want it with him. To let him know you’re into him, grab his butt hard when he’s climaxing or gently nip his shoulder.

Drop Hints

Give him some hints. Talk about sex. So when giving erotic instruction, throw in some positive reinforcement. “Tell him how good it feels when he does something right, or remind him of a technique that always gets you off,” suggests Brame. “If he’s not giving you enough foreplay, ask him to use his hand or mouth to warm you up, saying that you want to draw out the experience.”

Let him watch

Another way to turn him on with sight: Keep some clothes on. Sometimes men prefer when you leave a little to the imagination. “Sexy lingerie can be as arousing — or more so — as being nude, because it builds anticipation.