How Men Feel About Women’s Body Hair


For decades women have wondered how men really feel about pubic hair.

While some spend a fortune on waxing and expensive laser surgery, other ladies opt for a more natural look.

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One female Reddit user asked the male community to post their thoughts on female grooming after explaining her sensitive skin makes it difficult for her to shave her legs regularly.

She admitted: “After 2-3 days of smooth sexin’, I’ve actually made up excuses why I can’t have sex with my partner because I worry he’ll be turned off.

“Seems silly, but I’m too shy to bring it up with him.”

She went on to ask the men of Reddit whether they would prefer to have sex with their girlfriends more often when they are “stubbly and hairy” or just during the times they are “smooth and pretty”.

The response was varied, with some of the comments pretty shocking.

For some men, anything other than ‘bald’ was unacceptable.

One user wrote: “I care. Stuble is the worst (pubes), it hurts. smooth is best, but merely trimmed pubes are better than stuble. Legs and pits being smooth is pretty important to me though.”

Another commented: “I do not like leg hair

“female armpit hair disgusts me

“pubic hair should at least be trimmed very short

“and no beards or mustaches please (sic)”.

Another recommended she get laser treatment, arguing “its expensive but my girl has it and its amazing”.

One man described himself as “understanding” to her cause but admitted to liking the under-arms and legs “clean and smooth”.

He wrote: “I can tolerate some stubble on the parts down stairs as long as it’s not too short. The feeling of my big guy rubbing against a brillo pad is a bit off-putting, and can generally be painful if it hits the wrong spots.

“I’d rather it be longer or smooth, I just don’t wanna dive into a jungle of hair.”

Some men were the opposite, declaring they preferred their women ‘au naturel’.

One man posted: “I am only turned on to natural hairy women, she doesnt have to have hairy legs or pits but has to have a hairy p***y.

“There are a lot of guys like me as well believe it or not.

“I find myself attracted to asian girls in a way because of this. Eastern Asian women never shave their pubes which is why i love em (sic).

“Only in the last three decades have women started to shave more or less.. you have hair there for a reason…”.

Another wrote: “I love dancing in the forbidden garden. Not a big fan of fully shaved women. I just need some sort of indication that im going down on an adult.”

One man admitted he found it “sexily cool” when a girl he dated didn’t shave her armpits, adding: “Girls are sexiest when they’re comfortable with their body.”

Other men were more practical with their responses, pointing out many women feel less inclined to shave during the colder months when bare flesh is usually covered up.

One man wrote: “I like it when my wife shaves her legs and pits and trims her pubes, but I don’t insist upon it, and I’m not going to turn down sex just because it’s winter and she hasn’t felt like shaving lately.”

Another commented: “That nice smooth feeling is definitely great, but I agree. If for whatever reason — stress, workload, lack of time — she hasn’t been able to lately, I don’t mind at all.

“It’s not a big distraction or turnoff really. And I actually kinda find pubic hair a turn-on.”

One man joked pubic hair is fine “as long as it isn’t longer than mine”.

He added: “Though obviously hairless is always a plus. As superficial as it is. I think it’s a cleanliness thing”.

Another guy pointed out male grooming is just as important.

He posted: “To each his own, but I don’t go down to floss–and ladies before you say it, I don’t expect YOU to either.”

Meanwhile a female Reddit user urged ladies not to feel pressured by men to remove their pubic hair and to only preen themselves to the extent they feel comfortable with.

She wrote: “Don’t do anything ‘for him’ if you don’t want to.

“If you want to be hairy, be hairy. HAIR PEACE.

“Women have hair, they are primates, and men who think it’s not okay for a woman to be an ape needs to get over this barbaric and antiquated trend we’ve continued for far too long.

“Hair removal is a billion dollar industry and the campaigns for products make women feel bad about their natural selves.

“Don’t shave for a year, and see how empowered you feel. If he’s a good man he will understand.”

Source: The Sun