How Is Kolkata Responding To Bharat Bandh?


Kolkata: The city is normal just like any other day on Monday. West Bengal is
witnessing 12-hour strike called by the Left-Congress over certain issues such as
hike in petrol-diesel price, Rafael case and such other important issues.

The shopws are open, buses, small cars and autos are also in the streets like any
other day. People going to offices and schools were seen. The picture at
Shyambazar, Ultadanga, Gariahat was the same as any other day.

10am : Situation at Shyam Bazar same as any other day. There were buses and small
cars on roads. Apart from these, the sweet shops, cloth shops and grocery shops
also remained open. Office goers are waiting to catch their buses. The bazars are
also open. People are also present here in large numbers.

11am: Same situation at Bidhannagar-Ultadanga same. Huge gathering of office-goers
at Ultadanga like any other day, to go to their respective offices at Sector-V. A
passenger questioned an auto driver- “Its Bharat Bandh today, you are driving
auto?” Immediately the auto driver replied, “The prices of diesel increase or
petro, if we do not work during the office time, then there will be no income in
the entire day. Everyone is running autos, so I am.” 

A sweet shop member said that till then, no one came and asked them to shut down due to the bandh.

Same situation at Gariahat and the bazar area near it. Its a busy market at the
Gariahat footpath keeping in mind of the upcoming Durga puja. Auto, bus, small cars
running. But several discussing about the bandh.