Hotel owners of Tarapith to drop shutters

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Birbhum: The hotel owners of Tarapith area has decided to drop the shutters of their hotels protesting against the directive from the Court which had ordered the closure of the hotels that don’t have valid documents from the State Pollution Control Board.

The Green Bench had ordered the immediate closure of the restaurants which don’t have the clearance from the Pollution Control Board. The bench had also stated that the hotels of Tarapith which have not renewed their clearance and has applied for the same will be given clearance only after proper inspection.

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There have been allegations of pollution in the water of the Dwarka river which runs close to the famous crematorium grounds of Tarapith. The reasons for the pollution were analysed and a report was submitted by the Pollution Control Board on the directive of the court on the basis of a PIL by Advocate Jaydeep Mukherjee.

According to the reports, the pollution was caused due to the dumping of the wastage from the hotels directly into the river. Most of the hotels lacked proper waste management systems. Moreover half burnt bodies, burnt wood sticks and other items are also thrown into the river. 5-7 percent of the hotels have proper clearance from the PCB while the rest either don’t posses them or they have expired long before.

After this, a hearing was conducted where the court ordered the closure of the restaurants which don’t have proper clearance.