Hospital Staff Make Boob And Sperm-Shaped Cakes


Carolina: The wacky cupcakes were created by staff at Lincoln County Hospital’s maternity unit in a bake-off on Thursday.

Natasha Matejtschuk won the contest with her 24 sperm cupcakes racing towards a giant egg.

Another tasty treat showed a sperm about to fertilise an egg, saying: “Bye boys, I’m going in. See you in nine months!”.

The competition was held at the hospital to mark International Day of the Midwife and one employee celebrated the day by presenting a cake, which depicted a breast lactating.

Steph Tod, spokeswoman for United Lincolnshire Hospital’s Trust, said: “All the cakes were made by our very talented midwives — some of which are on maternity leave themselves and came in with their babies to celebrated International Day of the Midwife and how great it is to be a midwife.

“It was a bit of fun with the bake off judged by consultant Chris Flood who tasted all the cakes.”

He added: “We now know we have some very creative bakers among the team.”

A mum was disgusted last year after the teddy bears on her daughter’s christening cake were painted with “vaginas”.

Daily Star