Hospital Nursing Staff Protests In Berhampore


Berhampore: The nurses of Berhampore’s Jangipur sub-divisional hospital are protesting after one of the nurses was allegedly harassed by relatives of a patient. The nurse has been accused of being late in giving saline to the patient. The harassed nurse is Priya Pal.

According to the hospital, Tumpa Bibi was admitted to the female ward. It has been alleged that her saline ended at Saturday afternoon. After that almost 30 minutes went by but she was not given any new saline. On top of this, the old saline channel was also not opened from her hand. Post this, the relatives started protesting.

The relatives of Tumpa has been accused of harassing and beating nursing staff Priya Pal by getting inside the medicine ward of the hospital. Priya Pal got injured as a result of this. Chaos sparked inside the hospital. All the nursing staff of the hospital stopped working after the incident.

A written complaint demanding safety was submitted to the hospital super Kalyanbrata Mondal. The Raghunathganj police rushed after getting information and brought the situation under control. The Berhampore police have started an investigation.