Horse Rams Into Car’s Windshield In Jaipur


Jaipur: The people witnessed a bizzare accident on Sunday. The accident didn’t involve two vehicles, but a horse and a car.

A horse pulling a tonga (carriage) lost its control and after breaking its harness crashed through the windshield of a car and got stuck inside the vehicle near Jaipur club, police said on Monday.

The accident happened on Sunday afternoon when the city was reeling under heat with the mercury soaring above 42 degrees Celsius.

First the people couldn’t understand how to react, but later they somehow rescued the horse and the car driver. Both have sustained minor injuries.

“I had just started my car near Jaipur in Civil Lines area when I heard the sound of breaking of glass and in the next moment, I was stuck inside the car with a horse on the seat next to me,” Joshi, who owns an event management business, told the Hindustan Times.

As a large crowd assembled at the spot of the accident in the heart of the city, the horse was rescued by bystanders and the police. It was tended to by a team of veterinarians later.

Police officials said the horse lost control and went berserk most likely because of the heat.

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